Tax Credits

Tax Credits (RL-24) and Accelerated Refunds

Did you know that childcare expenses are eligible for considerable refunds from the government, both in a daycare and day camp context? 

In fact, it is possible to obtain up to 85% credit on childcare expenses through the RL-24 slip or accelerated refunds.

RL-24 slip

The RL-24 does not involve filling out any forms. In February of the year following the summer in question, we file the RL-24 and send you a copy by email, as well as a copy to the government. You simply have to give the copy to your accountant or attach it to your tax return to get your tax refund.

Accelerated Refunds

Accelerated Refunds allow you to get your childcare reimbursements early, beginning on the 15th of the second month after the forms are sent and spread out over the remaining months of the year.


If you have any questions regarding refunds, deductions and transactions, please contact our Administrative Director :

Anthony Paquette
(450) 822-7571