• A calculated and constantly decreasing ecological footprint
  • An activity schedule thought out by qualified professionals
  • An emulation system for groups and targeted youth
  • Resources put in place to promote communication between parents and the staff
  • A diversified team committed to creating a favourable environment to youth development
  • Our values focus on achievement, community, inclusiveness and entertainment

" Albert Einstein "

Horaire Camps futés



« It is time for an hourglass moment! »


Time management

The present moment

The hourglass moment represents the need to take time to stop and enjoy each moment. When the facilitator feels the need to adjust the excitement and intensity of the group, they lead a relaxation routine that lasts about two minutes. If a child needs a moment to calm down before resolving a conflict, they can visit the Hourglass Space in the coordination office where a variety of calming tools are available and will be introduced to them by an experienced and qualified coordinator.

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« You are a guardian of good! Thank you for your help! »

Mutual aid



The Guardian Mention is given to the child who supports and helps the activity leader and the other children in the daily tasks. It also symbolizes the child's contribution to the group, the objective being to highlight the child's good deeds. Therefore the Guardian Mention serves to reinforce the child's self-esteem. In addition, it encourages other children to adopt the same good behaviors and habits.

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« Take your mic, tell me how you feel, what you like! »



The power of words

The « mic » moment illustrates communication. In addition to being a conflict resolution tool that assigns turns to speak, the microphone is also used to discuss various relevant topics in a large group. In the form of a playful discussion, children can become more aware of their emotions and those of their peers. This tool, regardless of the context in which it is used, promotes self-expression and listening to others in children.

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« Cheers, we celebrate! »



Gratitude (recognition)

The fireworks celebrate the simple joy of living. A choreographed dance is taught to the children to wake up at the beginning of the day, to stretch at opportune moments, and to encourage positive, friendly energy.

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The team at Les Camps Futés (Vision Loisirs) is committed to supporting the child's development with a variety of entertaining and educational resources. These are used in many ways and may vary depending on the age group and/or the needs of each group/child. The objects featured in the Our Language section are only one example of the many resources we use.

Facilitating is one art, teaching life principles is another. Our concept combines the two through our smart language and a variety of creative activities. Children will have an enriching experience with unforgettable memories!

" Paulo Coelho "