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« Cheers, we celebrate! »



Gratitude (recognition)

The firework celebrates the joy of life. A choreographed dance is taught to the children to unwind, move, and wake up at the beginning of the day. The parents are also invited to celebrate a beautiful family moment at the camp fair every friday afternoon.

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« Put on your red nose! Smile! »




The red nose is a tool which reminds us to smile and laugh . It is the moment to bring out creativity, by doing improv activities or take funny photos in a group, with his or her favourite Activity leader (Futé captain), or individually. Every week, by e-mail, the parents will receive a different photo of their child having fun at the Camps "Futés"

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« Take your shell! »


Listening to others

Respectful of feelings

The shell moment is reserved for listening. Listening to others and oneself. An interactive story is told by an Activity leader "Futé Camp Captain" or a child and follows-up a discussion bringing the children to reflect on the moral of the stories that they’ve heard.

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« Take your mic, tell me how you feel, what you like! »



The power of words

The "mic" moment illustrates communication. Children are encouraged to share an event which makes them proud - their favorite activities, their last journey, or simply to express themselves freely while becoming aware of their feelings.

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« It is time for an hourglass moment! »


Time management

The present moment

The hourglass moment represents the necessity of taking time to stop, and taking advantage of every moment. The Activity leader "Futé Camp Captain" manages a small routine of relaxing moment when they feel the need to. Also, if your child feels the need to take a moment before being able to resolve the conflict, he could visit the Sensory Room located in the coordinator's office where various calming-down tools are at his disposal.

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« Don your coat of courage, dare to try! »




This moment represents boldness. Every week, the children prepare a show, which will be presented to the other kids every Friday. This activity allows the children to widen their comfort zone and explore their talents. The Activity leader will also encourage each kid to find a weekly challenge to achieve, it could be personal, social, sportive or anything else that would help the kid in his social interactions.

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« Shine, you are a jewel, you are unique! »


The right to shine


The jewel moment is represented by a bracelet of a different colour every week. This bracelet symbolizes self-confidence. It reminds us to shine as a jewel. Every Friday, the "Jewel Declaration" is read out loud in small groups and the Activity leaders ‘’Futé Camp Captains’’ gives every child a bracelet that will remind him/her a quality of his own.

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« You are a guardian of good! Thank you for your help! »

Mutual aid



Tuteur The “Guardian Award” is won by a child who supports and helps the Activity leader “Futé Camp Captain” with daily tasks. It also symbolizes the contribution made to the group. The goal is to reward the child by underlining his/her good deeds. The Guardian serves to strengthen the self-respect of the child. Furthermore, it encourages children to adopt the same good behavior and good habits.

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The Improv ‘’Futé’’ activities’ goal is to develop and enhance the youth’s social skills. In an entertaining emotions laboratory, the kids will learn how to understand themselves and each other. By exploring different emotions and interactions, they’ll be more equipped for their social relations.

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The "Futé" Pocket is a souvenir in which the kids can keep drawing or in words, their experiences at the Camps "Futés". Throughout their stay, they can obtain autographs from their new friends and favorite Activity leader “Futé Camp Captain”, creating a permanent reminder of their most beautiful summer memories. The "Futé" Pocket can also be also used to allow parents to learn a little more about their child’s interests and friendships.

Words have a lot of power and they can have a very big impact on every person. The Jewel Declaration, which appears in the "Futé" book, reminds each child that they are unique. Even at home, you can continue to recite it with your children. You will notice the benefits!


The purpose of the Camps "Futés" is to give meaning to each activity and establish a self-confidence culture in a day camps programs, and in educational days at school, as well as to equip the parents and the professionals who work with the children. This concept couples leadership and life principles with a "Futé" language and a repertoire of creative activities. While having fun, the children will have an enriching experience with unforgettable memories!

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