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What a Futé Camp Captain experienced?

A child who yelled and cried was not able to express what was happening to him as "drama". The hourglass concept of breathing allowed me to help the child calm down and thus be able to use his "mic" to express his emotions.

Futé Camp Captain

What a Futé Camp Captain experienced?

I have had many trainings in my life, but this one was the best that I have ever had. We were able to participate and to make suggestions. Nobody was left aside!

Futé Camp Captain

What a parent experienced…

As parents, self-confidence is at the basis of any intervention with our children. Knowing that my daughter, who suffers regularly from anxiety, can live experiences which allow her to gain confidence in herself, reassured us a lot. She learned to take initiatives without being afraid of making a mistake.

mother of Rafaelle

What a parent experienced

I attended the "Talk Futé" conference at my children's school and loved the concept. Ariane is dynamic and her creativity allows us to understand the different elements of her concept. During the conference, our children discovered these same elements by games and activities, with Futé Camp Captain. What a great idea and what a wonderful evening we had! I recommend this conference to all parents who want to discover simple and effective tools to improve communication and relationship with their children. Bravo Ariane for your "Futé" concept and good continuity!

Marie-Noël Harnois,
maman de Raphaelle et Laurianne

What a child care educator experienced…

All day, children, big and small, had no time to be bored. The day was well structured and the "futé" staff demonstrated great skills. I was surprised to see how well the children managed to express themselves freely during activities such as "emotional slush" and "Futé improvisation. By dinner time, students in grades 5 and 6 told me that it was the most beautiful educational day they ever had!

Guylaine Gagné,
child care educator

What a child care educator experienced…

A good Camp Organizer is one who knows how to preserve the child's heart

Mireille Anglehart,
specialized educator