The franchisor of "Les Camps Futés" comprises of team members with many different talents. They know how to support you in your success, showing you how to build the necessary tools to support your networks, and helping you to manage the marketing, communication, and operational aspects of your business.

What you obtain by operating under the Camps "Futé" banner:

Since 2013, our "Futé" team has been entertaining, inspiring, and empowering young people throughout various regions of Quebec, and has been working on projects overseas. Now, the objective is to make "Futé" culture accessible to children worldwide. The integration of this concept of educational entertainment has been integrated into sites such as camp site, community centres, sport complexes, and schools, and contributes to the development and well-being of the adults of tomorrow.

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What you obtain by operating under the Camps "Futé" banner:

  • Starting operational Kit("Futé" visuals to brand your site)
  • Marketing kit(Templates and graphics standards)
  • CommunicationSupport for your communication plan and marketing plan (including content for social media)
  • WorkshopWorkshop "Futé" on the concept of thoughtful entertainment and on personal development
  • RecruitmentSupport for recruitment with descriptions of "Futé" profiles
  • AccompanimentAccompaniment of in-service training for your teams of animation
  • SupportSupport in managing the "Futé" material inventory

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