Would you like the educational days of your school to become completely "Futé"?

Suggest us to your school to share the wonderful Camps "Futés" experience with all the young people of your district!


Would you like us to take care of your children while you are attending corporate events?

Ask the organizers to request the “all inclusive” formula of "Futé" day.

Besides offering qualified and dynamic "Futé Camp Captain", our services offer support for managing an "all inclusive" day, filled with fun surprises for the children. Always under the guiding concept of thoughtful entertainment, the Camps "Futés" integrate "Futé" language into the day to create a memorable and enriching experience, and especially, a fun one!

Here is an example schedule
of a day "Futé". Other scheduling
options are also available.

  • 8h30
  • 9H00
  • 9H45
  • 10H00
  • 11H00
  • 12H00
  • 12H30
  • 13H30
  • 14H15
  • 15H00
  • 15H45
  • 16H00
  • Firework Moment / Hourglass Hour
  • The Improv Futé
  • Shell Moment
  • Leopard Moment (preparations)
  • Dinner outside
  • Red Nose Moment
  • Surprise activity
  • Mic Moment P'tit futé
  • Moment (general practice)
  • Leopard coat Moment / Jewel Moment
  • Fireworks Moment
  • Departure