What my child will do in the camp?

A whole range of "Futé" activities will be orchestrated by our “Futé Camp Captain”: improvisation, preparation of and performance in a stage show production, “Guardian Award” awards, moments of expression of creativity, and much, more.

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I can't find a camp in my region?

Do not hesitate to contact us! Let us know so that we can deploy the "Futé" network all over the world!

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My child already has good self-confidence. Is it still good for them?

Many other aspects of thoughtful entertainment are used for relaxation, recognition, pride, affirmation, concentration, positivity, and all focus on children's talents.

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Can I join a training even if I am not a camp organizer?

It is possible to improve one’s self as an educator, teacher, or even as a parent who wants to get foundational tips.

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May I have a refund of tax?

Yes, for costs related to daycare or day camps, it is possible to obtain a refund or even a pre-payment.

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Is the concept offered only for day camps?

We offer a "Futé" day all-inclusive package for different situations such as educational days, family days, or to take care of children during conferences or trainings.

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I would like to join the team to become a Futé Camp Captain. How is it possible?

You have the flame and passion for children, to entertain them using our thoughtful concepts, stimulating their self-confidence, you can apply directly on the site.

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